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e-CASS2 is the easy-to-use price comparison, stock ordering tool that works

with your PMR system to save you time and make you money.

Imagine if there was a way of ordering products for your pharmacy that actually made you money. Better still, what if ordering those products saved you time as well? And what if all you had to do was pick your stock and then click a button? Interested and want more information?

Just click on the size of your pharmacy below which best matches your business and find out how much you could save!!!
“Cambrian Alliance and eCASS have made the difference for us. In a market sector where money is being squeezed and funding is tight, it is important to ensure that you are buying correctly and this is exactly what eCASS is doing for us without any hassle. As an independent eCASS is allowing us to compete with the multiples because Cambrian Alliance negotiates the cheapest deals and eCASS does the leg work for us picking the cheapest products. Since using eCASS our bonus has grown from an average of £250 a month to more than £600 and the time saved has been immeasurable.”
Kyle Hepburn, of Touts Pharmacy in Cheddar
“e-CASS has transformed our business. We have gone from spending hours ringing around trying to find the best deals to doing everything with ease through the e-CASS system. By getting the cheapest prices with every order we have seen our profits grow. The savings through our generic spend are contributing around 6% to our profitability and it’s a similar percentage figure for our PI spend as well, which has been fantastic news for us.”
David Wood, owner of Village Pharmacy in Prestbury
“Prior to using eCASS, ordering and managing our stock had always been a time consuming and frustrating task. Accuracy and recognition of pip codes between the different suppliers was a constant problem and out of stocks from every wholesale order would slow down the process. Now, with e-CASS2, I would say that over 90% of our stock is ordered with just the click of one button and at the lowest price. I am confident that I am saving money on every order I make with e-CASS2. Furthermore, I would estimate that we save between 60 and 90 minutes every day by using the system to place our orders. It’s quick, accurate and easy to use and is saving me time and money.
Andy Evans, owner of JDS Evans Pharmacy in Newport
“e-CASS has been a real driver for our business generating growth in our profits, considerable monthly savings and more time for our staff to invest in other parts of the business. On generics alone we are saving 8% on our costs compared to our spend before, while in terms of time managing our stock it’s at least three hours a week more we now have to use in other key areas of the pharmacy such as paid-for services. We’ve been thoroughly pleased with the outcomes delivered by e-CASS.”
Kim Elias, owner of Lawn Pharmacy in Swindon
“We have been using e-CASS for nearly two years now and in that period have seen a recognisable growth generated from the savings we have made through using the system. Our orders of course vary each month but typically we save around £3000 per month and this has supported a 2-3% growth in our annual profit. My staff are also able to maximise our income from the 'paid for services' available in pharmacy because they have more time to do so thanks to the way in which e-CASS has made our ordering process simpler and much quicker.”
Martin Parry, owner of Parry’s Pharmacy in Treharris
“eCASS has had a real positive impact upon our business. For us it has massively improved the way in which we order our products, making what was once a time consuming task into a simple and efficient part of our business. Importantly, this has allowed us to save a lot of money per month, which over the last year has seen our profits grow by around 10%."
Fasail Shoukat of Ovenden Pharmacy in Halifax
“e-CASS has helped us tremendously to grow our profits and save us time as well. This has crucially allowed us to spend more time with our patients doing MURs and DMRs. e-CASS has been instrumental in us growing our business and continues to be so. In the last year alone we have seen our profits grow with the support of e-CASS by 5%, with a typical monthly saving of around £2000, while the time we have and continue to save has been immeasurable because it has been that much.”
Robert Cousins, Insync Pharmacy Ltd, in Rhiwbina
“Since switching to e-CASS two-years-ago to manage and order our stock we have witnessed a real growth thanks to the savings we are making. Typically this is equating to around £400 per shop per month whilst overall profits have increased by around 6%. More importantly we are saving time in our stock ordering processes by using e-CASS and so can concentrate on other services, which also contributes to our financial growth.”
Gary Barber, Managing Director of Gary Barber Pharmacies Ltd based in Gloucestershire
“We have been using e-CASS since 2012 and the results have been remarkable. Since installing e-CASS, my annual rebates have increased by £3,300 per shop with my monthly profits growing by around 10% as well. I was really pleased how easy it was switching over to e-CASS and the transition was very quick. The financial benefits are great, but from an operational perspective I have been really impressed by how much time my staff now have to concentrate on other areas of the business. Gone are the days where they are spending hours trawling through the paper guides – I would definitely recommend e-CASS.”
Atiq Saddique, Olive Pharmacy Group based in West Yorkshire

What is e-CASS2?

e-CASS2 is the price comparison stock ordering tool created by Cambrian Alliance to make you money and save you time. It does this because we secure the cheapest prices available for generics, PIs and dressings from the Cambrian Alliance suppliers you want to work with.

How do we know we get the best prices? Well an independent report of wholesale and buying groups placed us top of the table for both generics and PIs, which means you really do make money with e-CASS2.



The monthly saving of one pharmacy alone using e-CASS2



The percentage of e-CASS2 users surveyed who said it has helped boost their profitability.


Less than 60 seconds!

The time it takes to search and place an order for a product. Place a multiple order in just minutes.



The number of suppliers e-CASS2 uses.



The number of days a pharmacy typically saves every year using e-CASS2 to place its orders.



No more hours lost through ringing around suppliers only to be told the product is out of stock!


More than 5,000.

The number of products e-CASS2 searches through to find you the best prices.

Start saving Money!!!

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by contacting the e-CASS2 freephone helpline on Freephone: 0800 0607 003 or using the contact us form.

Saving Pharmacy Money

How does it work?

With the click of a button on your PMR e-CASS2 scans through more than 5,000 products available through the Cambrian Alliance Price Guide ordering from the supplier with the best price. If that supplier is out of stock then the order automatically moves to the next best priced supplier and so on until the order is placed meaning you can be confident you’re getting the best deal available.

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    No more out of stock phone calls. No more checking price guides. Just pick, click and go!

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    Works with your PMR system. You get to choose the Cambrian Alliance suppliers you buy from keeping you in control.

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    No complicated computer programmes to install. We work with you to do this remotely.

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