e-CASS Warehouse

Dead stock costs the average pharmacy 12K a year, e-CASS Warehouse will help minimise this cost and help you eliminate unnecessary spend.

e-CASS Warehouse is the most advanced way to buy your stock and manage enhanced profitability.

Each one of the features has been designed by a pharmacist with a warehousing requirement, so you know you’re in good hands.

e-CASS Warehouse can be used by a single shop to reduce dead stock or across multiple shops with more complex warehousing requirement.

With all of these unique and market-leading features

  • Comprehensive inventory management – location and value detail and the benefit of our database with over 250K mapped product codes
  • Partial stock fulfilment
  • Utilises split packs
  • Pick priority based upon supplier preference and stock expiration dates
  • Invoicing to support inter-branch transfers and branch level P&L
  • Designed to work alongside e-CASS
  • Provided by an MHRA accredited company
  • Fully auditable – reporting and management information including order history
  • Self-service – fully configurable location and address management
  • Customer Care – a dedicated & experienced helpdesk team
  • Delivery Notes and Picklists