Supporting Dispensing Doctors

In the ever-changing pharmaceutical market place, you will be looking at your costs, suppliers and the time spent on obtaining the best prices.

What We Do At The Cambrian Alliance Group

Our aim is to increase your purchasing profits.

Members receive regular statements highlighting their individual rebates & bonus payments. Each month we put out to tender more than 20,000 products & independent market comparisons confirm our members receive the best prices.

We employ 11 local Business Managers to advise and support every member with their individual business requirements. As one of the largest pharmacy support groups in the UK we provide members with access to the highest levels of most pharmacy bodies, now supporting Dispensing Doctors.

We have developed e-CASS, the price comparison, stock ordering tool that saves members time and makes them money.

We will set up your preferences to incorporate the discounts offered to you from your wholesalers.

Generics & Generic Schemes

We happily work with our partners AAH and Alliance where we can set up our cascade to default to your chosen generic scheme, or you will have the option to choose from our partners from the prices they tender into our cascade.

So you have the options of selecting the best available price on the day from the cascade or from the loyalty schemes offered by the main wholesalers.

e-CASS Web

This is a view of Ecass Web, to get an idea of the features available to manage your suppliers orders and pricing.

Alongside the support offered by Ecass Web you will be able to access the services from our other partners, to support your business.

This could be from breakdown cover, sundries, to HR support.

All this for a monthly membership fee, which is the same for all our Dispensing Doctors members.

To find out more, you can arrange a meeting via video call, where you can see a demonstration of e-CASS.

We can now offer face to face meeting if you prefer, providing that adequate provision and risk assessments are in place.